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With the rise in popularity of local food systems, it’s more important than ever for farmers to be able to protect their assets. Your farm is home to your crops or livestock. Unfortunately, it is also a significant investment, and the risks are endless. Failing to protect your farm could result in lower yields or complete bankruptcy if disasters like floods, heavy rainstorms, or other natural calamities occur.

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Farm Equipment

It takes a lot of specialized equipment to run a farm. The loss of an expensive piece of equipment or loss of several items at once may exceed the limits of a farm owner’s insurance policy.

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Livestock Insurance

Managing a farm with the constant risk of losing your animals is challenging. 

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Crop Insurance

When a disaster, such as a tornado, wildfire or flood strikes and the crops they depend on are devastated, crop insurance can reimburse them for the losses they face.

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Workers’ Compensation

Farms that employ people should also look at workers compensation coverage. 

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It might be time to switch insurers whenever the service that your existing insurer provides doesn’t meet your needs. For example, if you have a poor claims experience or an unexplained rate increase, it might be time to consider other options

If you cancel a previous policy before a new policy is effective, you could run into some serious financial problems.

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